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My name is Antonio Boyd, I’ve lived in Atlanta for 15 years now, after serving my first 4 year enlistment in the US Army, and remained in the GA National Guard since moving here. For the past 19 years in every unit I’ve been honored to be a part of, it was my duty to instruct  the company sized element (100+) to organize, and execute physical fitness programs, and administer the Annual Army Physical Fitness test for the company.  I’ve also had a perfect score on my own test multiple times. Being able to take someone from where they physically are, to push their limits, and exceed their goals have been a specialty my entire Army career. 

I’m focused on being a witness to each and everyone’s success that I come across. This has been a driving force for the creation of Success Atlanta Fitness (Safitness), and other entities catered to doing my part to help those that want to feel better about where they are in life, whether that is physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have two young boys whom I am leading them to achieve the greatness that is within them as well. If you are ready to see how great you can be, then you are ready to meet me. Follow me on my favorite social media platforms below, and subscribe to my newsletter!

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One of the things I see people struggle with is cheating on the diet and how to mentally handle it. I also see coaches struggle with this and how to handle the situation with their clients. I’ll address both here as it is something it took me YEARS to learn and get down myself.


Nootropics are becoming more and more popular, but what do they do exactly?

In this article, we’ll explain what nootropics are, and why they’re good for you. We’ll also tell you some of the ingredients you should look for in your next nootropic supplement.


Men have specific health needs. That should be obvious, but people always forget that.

Because of those specific nutritional needs that men have, they should not treat all vitamin supplements the same. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best vitamins, minerals, and nutrients out there for men.

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