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With our very cost effective subscription based services, we aim to be there for you in every level of your fitness journey. Whether you are a novice, intermediate, or advanced fitness levels, we can help you achive your desired fitness goals with any of our products and services. See for yourself!

Program Pricing

Online Fitness Training Programs

Transformation Challenge: 12 Month Subscription $49/mo

Rock Builder Program: 2 Months Subscription $99/mo

Shredded Challenge: Duration- 3 Months Subscription $149/mo

On your phone or tablet you have access to your entire calendar of workouts that are already scheduled for you. You have the ability to to adjust the workout if you encounter a situation where the equipment required isn’t available. Also, for every workout you have an instructional video guiding you through each step on the proper form, and the correct technique needed to complete the workout safely. And even more!


Virtual Health and Fitness Coaching

Weekly Virtual Hourly Sessions- 6 month subscription

Bi-Weekly Virtual Hourly Sessions- 12 month subscription

Designed to meet you where you are. Whether you are the busy executive that is always on the go, traveling across the country or you’re the busy parent that can’t seem to fine tune their schedule to fit their desire for a fit lifestyle. Transitioning your mindset, and routine, is very difficult when you’re not used to eating healthy, working out on regular basis whether at home or at your local gym. I will help coach/mentor you to help with this process. 


Evolution Fitness Boot Camp

Classes are 3x/wk

8 week Cycle


1 on 1 premier personal training

1 hour sessions

3 sessions/wk



30 Day Nutrition Reset Challenge

REPROGRAM your body in 30 days by saying NO to;

Alcohol, Added Sugar, Dairy, or Processed Carbs



Depending on your goals, your current nutritional intake may not be enough to achieve them, which is why you will need to use supplements to ensure you have the right amount of nutrients to consistently grow and adapt to your workout regimen.

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